NOLA 4-H: Hearts for the Hungry, Homeless and Hurting

Ladies of the LA-MS District,

This mission grant proposal was submitted to national LWML to consider for placement on the ballot at the Albuquerque convention in June. I thank and praise our loving Father who provided for this grant to be placed on the ballot. Please read this carefully and encourage your delegates to the convention to support this when voting for national mission grants.

Six Black Clergy Caucus LCMS pastors serving inner city parishes in New Orleans have submitted a grant application to the LWML entitled, “NOLA 4-H: Hearts for the Hungry, Homeless and Hurting.” They are seeking $100,000.

The pastors have united together as they minister to “the least of these,” based on the command of Jesus in Matthew 25:35-40. NOLA 4-H’s purpose is to provide direct relief to the children, families, and seniors living in six impoverished communities they serve in a city still hurting from hurricanes and flooding of 2005. The grant also will extend aid to church members who relocated to Baton Rouge, who lost everything a second time in the catastrophic flooding there in August 2016.

NOLA 4-H offers Christ-centered mercy ministry through St. Paul NE, Mount Zion, Gloria Dei, Bethel, Holy Cross and Epiphany Lutheran, while evangelizing with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is a catalyst for renewing the hearts, minds, and spirits of hungry, homeless and hurting people who need the saving Word and loving deeds of God’s people.

The NOLA 4-H grant will fund mercy ministries, expanding each congregation’s arm of mercy to their inner city impoverished neighborhoods. Hot meals, food pantries, food bag distribution, homeless sheltering, homeless emergency care packages, healthy heart exercise and nutrition, health care and counseling for hurting hearts, will be offered by the six participating LCMS churches proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Word and deed.  The grant will also help support church outreach to the most vulnerable in these fragile communities: young children and the elderly through after school and summer educational enrichment programs, social and intergenerational interaction, community gardens and companionship care.

The grant helps fund the costs of the direct care items like hot meals food bags. clothing, socks, blankets, care packages, and health initiatives in each community, where residents suffer from the after-effects of the life-changing Katrina, and the long-standing health problems connected to intergenerational poverty.

The pastors ask for prayers as their grant application goes forward, and as they minister to their needy and hurting communities.

Donna Lee Johnson serves as a volunteer in the Broadmoor Food Pantry adjacent to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in New Orleans. Johnson, who is homeless in the community, came to the church four years ago and volunteers in the pantry and attends worship. LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

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