NOLA 4H Grant Adopted for Funding

To: All Within the Louisiana-Mississippi District of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League – Lutheran Women in Mission

From: Anita Granger, LA-MS District President

Re: NOLA 4H Grant Adoption

Date: 6/26/17

It is with great joy that I announce the New Orleans-based NOLA 4H program received a $100,000 grant from the LWML at the national convention held the past 4 days!

A total of 34 proposals were on the ballot for consideration by the voting body. Twenty-two of those grants were chosen for funding, and NOLA 4H was number 8! As the grants are paid in the order of most votes received, NOLA 4H will be the 8th one to receive their monies.

I will now explain what this means for those of you unfamiliar with the LWML’s structure and the funding process. The United States is divided into 40 LWML districts. These districts are different from the Synod’s districts, but our LA-MS district is within the LCMS Southern District. This means that President Schultz, the Southern District President, oversees the work of the LA-MS district. The LWML is 100% non-profit and there are only 5 paid positions in the entire organization. The LWML operates on a 2-year cycle referred to as a biennium, and the budget for the next biennium is set at the convention held at each convention. National conventions are held in odd years and district conventions take place in even years. The by-laws at both the district and national level stipulate that a percentage of monetary donations, referred to as mites, is dedicated to the everyday operations of the LWML organization, and a percentage is set aside for funding grants.

At the national convention that just ended yesterday, the voting delegates approved a 2-year budget of $2,075,000. The total amount of monies that will be dedicated to fund the mission grants for the 2017-2019 biennium is $1,582,250.17. Because the LWML is non-profit, the availability of these monies is entirely dependent upon the generosity of each person who makes donations to the Lord’s work through the LWML. Grants cannot be paid until the money becomes available.

The first grant that will be funded this biennium requested $40,000. This means that as soon as collected mites dedicated for grants equals $40,000, that grant will receive their money. Grants are not paid until the entire amount requested becomes available. I have listed below the grant amounts that will be paid before NOLA 4H can be paid.

Grant #1: $40,000

Grant #2: $100,000

Grant #3: $27,750

Grant #4: $25,000

Grant #5: $100,000

Grant #6: $100,000

Grant #7: $100,000

Keep in mind this is only a percentage of all monies collected, as mites also are used to fund operations of the organization.

I hope you are beginning to develop an understanding of where the money for grants is generated and how grants are paid. I also pray that you see the importance of supporting the work of the LWML, which is all for God’s work and the furthering of His kingdom, through the collection of mites.

Since some time will pass before NOLA 4H receives its monies, the NOLA 4H leadership will have adequate time to prayerfully consider how best to use the $100,000 God has graciously made available to them.

The theme of the national convention was Jesus Christ Above All, Philippians 2:9. It is my prayer that those who serve through the NOLA 4H program are richly blessed as they work among those so often rejected by others, and that those who benefit from the program come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I also pray that each of you is enabled by the grace of God to loudly proclaim Christ crucified and that Jesus Christ is above all.

In God’s service with humility and great joy,

Anita Granger
Louisiana-Mississippi District President

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