Thank You from NOLA 4H Project Coordinator

Ladies, please read the email below that I received from one of the NOLA 4H organizers. It is copied and pasted exactly as received by me.


Dear President Granger…

I humbly write this note of gratitude for your prayers and spiritual fortitude in helping us to move our grant forward.

I received word that the NOLA 4H grant made the approval list. As you can see by the details of the grant, the funding is much needed in each of our church communities. The funds will help to either expand existing programs, or, to start new ones.

I want to personally thank the LWML National President, Patti Ross, Gladys B. Brown, our Zone President, and all of my LWML sisters, locally and nationally for their prayers and advocating on our behalf. Additionally, we owe a great deal of thanks and blessings to Christine S. Weerts, who was instrumental in writing the grant.

I have sent a short notice to the Pastors involved in Christian Friends United for Progress to inform them of the grant approval. They are all just as appreciative as I am and ready to expand God’s work within their communities. Once again, thank you for your prayers, patience, and contributions to the grant.

Kindly call or email me if regards to the next steps.


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